Peter Kagayi Ngobi

Peter Kagayi Ngobi, born and raised in Jinja, Uganda, is a poet, author and performer. After receiving his BA in Laws, he started to write and perform poetry at the Uganda National Theatre. He is also a founding member of Kitara Nation –  a poetry company in Uganda — where today he is the founding editor of the Kitara Nation Series. In 2016 Kagayi staged his first one man poetry play The Audience Must Say Amen. Since then he has written and staged 7 theatre poetry productions with Kitara Nation, including TOKUBA TOTTA, Arrest the Poem (which was banned from the Uganda National Theatre), Pumpkin Soup, Bribe the Poem, For my Negativity, No Speaking Vernacular and MUBIRI BUBIRI. These poetry plays have featured in theatre festivals like Kampala International Theatre Festival, The Africologne Theatre Festival, Story Moja Festival, Laba Arts Festival and the Bayimba Festival of the Arts. Kagayi currently lives in Seguku-Katale, Uganda.