Paul Brody

Paul Brody

Paul Brody is an American sound artist, composer, trumpeter and author. He was born in 1961 in Seattle. His diverse and rich art, such as radio play, sound installation, composition and performance, deals with the relations between word and melody. Brody originates from San Francisco where he grew up in a jewish musician family. He studied composition, poetry and trumpet at San Francisco State University and at Boston University, as well as Third Stream Music at the New England Conservatory of Music. At Boston University, he designed a series of interdisciplinary events with actors, dancers, poets and musicians called Un-recitals. He learned from poets like Denise Levertov, Bill Knot, Derek Walcott and Charles Simic. Brody was often invited to read in the Boston poetry scene. He received two awards from the Boston University Ex Libris literature magazine. Paul Brody designed sound and radio art, but also worked as a musician in band projects and as a trumpeter, composer and arranger. In the current 2023/24 season, he took over the musical direction in collaboration with Christian Dawid and Marina Frenk in Eine Niere hat nichts mit Politik zu tun.

Photo: Dirk Hasskarl








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