Lindy Larsson

Lindy Larsson

Lindy Larsson, born in Ljuder, Sweden in 1974, studies at The University College of Acting in Stockholm. He works at some of the major theatres in Sweden like The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Malmö Opera, Stockholm City Theatre, Malmö City Theatre and Uppsala City Theatre. In 2017 he performs in the dance-theatre performance As in a dream at Uppsala City Theatre, directed by Birgitta Egerbladh. He plays Siegfried in Siegfried - The Very Wagner Hero Hour at The Royal Opera in Stockholm, Sota Theatre in Singapore and Dansens Hus Stockholm, directed by Charlotte Engelkes. Together with her he also creates performances such as All Is Divine, Black Hole - Vaudeville of Quantom Physics and Kahlo - The Concert at Republique in Copenhagen and Kampnagel in Hamburg. He is the singer in the orchestra Lindy & Bon Bon Band. In 2010 he receives the Thalia Prize (Kvällsposten) for his role interpretation of Carmen at Malmö City Theatre, directed by Kajsa Giertz and in 2011 the Såstaholms Film and Stage Art Award for his collective artistry.


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