Ivana Sajko Portrait

Ivana Sajko

Ivana Sajko, born in Zagreb in 1975, is a writer, theatre director and performer working in the overlapping fields of literature, performing arts and music. She is the author of four acclaimed novels and a dozen political plays, including Žena-bomba, which was an international success. Resting at the thematic core of her texts are often female perspectives and confrontations with recent Eastern European history. In the process, she regularly breaks with formal conventions to find the language and structure that’s the most expressive for a particular theme. Translations of her works in German include three collections of plays and several novels including Liebesroman (2017), which received the HKW’s international literature award. Love Novel was also released in an English translation in 2022. She has also published unconventional theatre essays under the title Auf dem Weg zum Wanhsinn (und zum Revolution), Eine Lektüre (Towards Madness (and Revolution), 2015). She lives with her son Yves and dog Puntino in Berlin.