François Regis

Pianist and composer François Regis has specialised in various improvisation techniques. As a member of the composition division at the IRCAM in Paris (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique, Centre Pompidou), he relates old and new musical forms to each other.

Regis is a co-founder of the ECCE ensemble and its artistic director. He gives numerous concerts and performs his own compositions. His musical interests are oriented toward the conditions of energy, musical density, the complexity of movement, interaction, improvisation and interdisciplinarity.

His composition repertoire includes about 60 works (chamber music, works for soloists and orchestras, film and theatre music, as well as multimedia installations).

His latest publications are Projet Beethoven (2014) and the album Simple from the Blackfort Verlag, a tribute to American minimalism.

He has regularly brought sound to silent film as an artist-in-residence since 2007, and has now accompanied around 80 films in Berlin. Regis lives and works in Paris and Berlin.


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