Cham Saloum

Cham Saloum, oud player and composer. A traveller between the beauty of the traditional, the craziness of the new music and skies of the jazz. She was born in 1996. She started learning oud at the Arabic Oud House in 2010 from well-known oud players named Sherine Tohamy and Naseer Shamma. In 2015 she graduated from the institute and then came to Germany. Since then she has performed alone and with numerous orchestras in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Berlin, Cottbus, Mannheim, Aalborg in Denmark and Luxembourg. With the Cottbus Orchestra she played the piece At Home Abroad by Bernd Franke. She has also performed several times with the Syrian Orchestra ORNINA, Bridges - Music Connects, Babylon Orchestra with her trio Synkope. In which she collaborate on composing with her friends Laila and Youssef. Also she performed with Liberty Orchestra - Project in Europe and Trickster Orchestra - from the contemporary music scene. In 2021 she completed her Bachelor of Arts in World Music with a major in Oud. She composed her first album in 2020 but has not yet released it. Cham Saloum is currently working on a number of projects as a professional musician in Berlin and Europe. She is in love with Theater too, she has worked as a musician with several theater projects. One of them was in 2022 also with the director Hakan Savas Mican.