Art Terry

Art Terry is a songwriter/musician from Los Angeles. His songs explore sexuality, Black politics and religion, through a lyrical fusion of psychedelic folk music and orchestrated funk. 
Brought up in the gospel tradition, Art evokes the figure of the robed and commanding gospel preacher in his live performances. He collaborates with Stew from Stew & Negro Problem, who created the musical Passing Strange, exploring his and Art’s experiences in Europe as young men. The piece was made into a film by director Spike Lee. Art has been a keyboardist for Stew & the Negro Problem at the Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, Redcat in Los Angeles, the Harlem Stage and many other venues. »The New York Times« described his playing as »terrific«. 
On vocals and piano and alongside his collective of talented musicians Art will be performing his new album Sex Madness for the first time in Berlin.