Anna Narinskaya fotografiert von Wladimir Jarotsky

Anna Narinskaya

Anna Narinskaya is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and exhibition curator.
Among her well-known projects are the exhibitions 200 beats per minute. The Typewriter and 20th Century Consciousness, Andrei Sakharov. One Hundred Years. These and her other works have won prizes both in Russia (Intermuseum) and abroad (Bologna Book Fair Prize).
She is the author of a famous series of columns in Novaya Gazeta. In recent times, as repression in Russia has become more severe, Narinskaya became involved in civic activism. Particularly, she was one of the organizers of the »March of the Mothers«, a protest action against repression of teenagers. After the war started in Ukraine, Anna Narinskaya moved to Berlin.

Photo: Vladimir Jarotsky