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Niels Bormann

Niels Bormann was born in Bremen in 1973 and founded the start-up Garderoben-Bormann and a cake factory supplying Kreuzberg cafés in 1994. In 1996 he began studying performing arts at Berlin’s University of the Arts. After his graduation, he completed the six-month post-graduate course in choral speaking in Einar Schleef’s Verratenes Volk at the Deutsches Theater. After that, his freelance work has taken him to Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Accra, Lagos, Richmond (VA), to Hamburg’s Schauspielhaus, the Westin Grand Hotel Dresden, the Dresden Theatre and most of the time to Berlin, where he appears regularly at HAU, Sophiensaele, Volksbühne, Gorki and in Neukölln. In 2008 he became a guest performer and from 2009 to 2013 an ensemble member at the Schaubühne Berlin. Since 2010 Niels Bormann has taught at the University of the Arts in Berlin.


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