Small Town Boy

"You leave in the morning with everything you own… Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away."
That’s how Bronski Beat described a young man’s escape from a narrow-minded world of repression and lack of recognition to the big city, far away and free: London, New York, Berlin… These metropolises were and are the place where people can rediscover and reinvent themselves, reject and question traditional roles and paths, and redefine families and relationships. They can re-negotiate their attachments, experiment with everything that their families prevented them from living out at home. Is it possible to be a different kind of man? A different kind of woman? Can you ever stop being a son or daughter? Is it possible to reject authority, and live and love in a different way? Love, in theory and in practice, appears to still be the discursive battlefield on which our many contemporary conflicts about gender, sexual and cultural identities in everyday life are carried out. What can and should a "man", a "woman" be today? How will we define family, nation and belonging in the future? 
In this research project, Falk Richter and the Gorki ensemble explore the question of what happens when young men also leave the patriarchy behind.

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Premiere: 11/January 2014

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel

A project by
Falk Richter
Directed by
Falk Richter


Stage and Costume Design

Stage lighting



Niels Bormann

Knut Berger

Lea Draeger

Aleksandar Radenković

Thomas Wodianka