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Città del Vaticano

Cast: Telmo Branco / Gabriel da Costa / Johannes Frick / Steffen Link / Tatjana Pessoa / Reznikoff Vassilissa / Christian Wagner

How do religion and the church shape the way we live? Have we emancipated ourselves from the Vatican's centuries-oldvalues in our ideas of society, family, and relationships? What could a Family look like in 2016? A group including members of the Schauspielhaus Wien's ensemble and young performers that writer and director Falk Richter and choreographer Nir de Volff met in two workshop phases as part of the Biennaledi Venezia engages in an intensive examination of questions of belonging, identity and cultural heritage. 

The ensemble represents a Young European generation that questions its rooting in a tradition characterized by Christianity. They tell personal stories of themselves, their lives, talk about their experiences: what their parents' marriages looked like, what ideas about relationships their parents taught them, what relationships they live in now. What kind of a man, a woman am I, and to what extent does this collide with the popular ideas that circulate in our society and continue to be influenced significantly by the church?  

Text and dance meet in search of stories that are written in the individual body of the performer and form the starting point for choreographies of movement. Working at genre borders and investigating interrelations between artistic disciplines distinguishes the approach of Falk Richter and Nir de Volff, who previously collaborated on Small Town Boyat the Gorki. In addition to the intensive study of their performers' biographies, intellectual impulses from sociology and philosophy flow into Città del Vaticano. For this Piece they are developing an experimental working method that is based on improvisation and continues to remain a work in progress.


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