Aung San sau Kyi

Berliner Korrespondenzen 4

Die Auflösung der Weltordnungen

With Navid Kermani and Marlene Streeruwitz

The world order seems to be dissolving – old certainties have become more and more unstable, and not only in the West. New divides are opening up: The United States of America revokes old alliances, Turkey is drifting towards an authoritarian regime, and populist movements are resurging across Europe. Are these phenomena we perceive new, or have they always been there in the twilight zone between war and peace?

For his reports,  writer and orientalist scholar Navid Kermani has traveled through areas where war and catastrophe are omnipresent. Where are the new rifts that are forming today? Is there still a chance for a peaceful world order or have we reached a state of exhaustion? In a new Berlin Correspondence, Kermani and Austrian writer and director Marlene Streeruwitz talk about old dividing lines and new nationalisms in Europe.

Berliner Korrespondenzen is a series of matinées by the Gorki Forum and the Humboldt-Universität in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office

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