Kachel I Berlin feiert Ramadan

Berlin Feiert Ramadan

Not your typical Christmas story: He fled Lebanon with his family as a child, and now the Kreuzberger actor and director Kida Ramadan has become simply indispensable: in the cinema, on the small screen and at the grand award ceremonies. His breakthrough came with the role of Toni Hamady in the series 4 Blocks.

And just in time for the holidays, Kida is returning to the stage. In an autobiographical late night show, he takes us on a journey through the beginnings and high points of his career. We follow him into the present where he’s now a father himself and can’t even go to the bakery without being asked for selfies. Now he’s settling accounts with the film industry and the character of Toni Hamady, and bringing some sparkly presents along as well.

Relatives and colleagues, including members of the 4 Blocks cast are his surprise guests for this event that's celebratory and intimate, musical and unpredictable – so Christmasy in its own way


Photo: Markus C. Hurek

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Kida Khodr Ramadan, und Gästen