stagediving / unternational

Artists performing seven shows, each lasting seven minutes and addressing our seven senses.

We celebrate Nouruz – the Iranian, Afghan and Kurdish New Year and we invite you all to celebrate this millennial spring fest with us. On Nouruz the table is set with seven alms: an apple, vinegar, spices, garlic,hyacinth and one coin. Our table is the stage and 7sin7 will be performed by the artists through music, dance, performance and poetry.
دوستانعزیز،ازشمادعوتمیکنیم  درجشننوروز،جشنبهاروشروع  سالنو  اقوامساکنایران،کردستان،

دراینمراسمسفرههفتسینکهباسبزی،سیب،سنبل،سمنو،سکه،سیر،سماقبهمراه  شیرینی،آینهوشمعدان
وکتابشعرحافظشاعربزرگ  پارسیزبانتزیینشدهگستردهمیشودوهنرمندانبا  هنرنمائیخویشکهشامل

Concept Modjgan Hashemian
With Kaveh Ghaemi, Sara Mehr, Elahe Moonesi, Mehdi MoradpourNeda NavaeeJawad SalkhordehAram Tafreshian

Sekkehye, sorb-o, sakineh, sanfransisko. Sechsfüßige Sanktionsfetischisten Segeln Simultan Südwärts – the performance 7sinﺲ‎ ٧ works with the seven gifts which are placed on the table for Nouruz. All seven elements beginning with the letter sin/S flourish through this evening and move the ceremonial tradition on. The performance evokes several chains of associations on how sensual experiences of this New Year’s celebration are conceptualized. Through the use of various media and musical and poetical styles, this evening wants to explore how art reinscribes itself in different contexts and, hence, creates new spaces and experiences.

Concert project guzu with Elmira BahramiStephan GarinDona AssisiSven Werner
Followed by Party with DJane Afagh Irandoost

oxygeno kon dAram miterekam – project guzu is a postmodern rejection to all musical categories restrained by geographical borders. A journey through space and time – dada farsi meets drum'n'folk. Their music reflects a reality which can neither be told linearly nor statically. With charme and esprit, they break up with musical genres and conventional norms.

Installation Sayash Bud

A project by
Modjgan Hashemian