BERLIN CALLING TEHERAN - Fünf Jahre Grüne Bewegung – Where are we now?

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Talks and reflections with three generations of the Iranian Diaspora

What happened after the protests of 2009? When hundreds of thousands of people – occurring for the first time since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 - in Teheran, Isfahan and many other Iranian cities demonstrated against the government for weeks and perennially asked: Where is my vote? When the global waves of demonstrations not only kicked off in Cairo and New York but also recently evolved in Istanbul at Gezi Park? When we could witness, for the first time, the political influence of social media like Facebook and Twitter?
Five years after the Green Movement, which arose as opposition to the Iranian presidential election in 2009, we want to try to understand the sustainable impact, motivation and changes that emerged from this protest movement. Berlin Calling Teheran wants to reveal in which social and artistic spheres this resistance movement has established a presence and which aesthetic and social strategies and practices have consequentially evolved.  

اولینباربعدازتاسیسجمهموریاسلامیایراندرسال1978  هزارانهزارنفرازمردمایران  روزهاوهفتههادر
تهران،اصفهان،شیراز،تبریزوسایرشهرهایبرزگکشورایرانبهخیابانهاآمدندوباطرح " رایمنکجاست" 
خواستارجوابگوئیمسئولانجمهوریاسلامیبهتقلب  درانتخاباتونتایجآنشدند. وبرایاولینباراهمیترسانه
چنینتظاهراتوجنبشیغیرممکنبود. اما  حرکتوتظاهراتخیابانیدرایرانمتوقفنماندنیویورک،فرانکفورت،

پنجسالازجنبشسبزایران،کهدرراستایاتنخاباترئیسجمهوریدرسال2009بود،میگذرد. ماسعیخواهیم
کردبابررسیعللونتایجاینحرکتدریایبیم  جنبشسبزمردمایرانچهتاثیریبررویدیگرحرکتهایسایر


Concept and CuratorBahareh Sharifi
ProductionYasmina Bellounar
Installation Sayash Bud       

Friday, March 21st 2014 – political and historical perspectives

Where are we now – five years after the Green Movement? Which of these discursive transformations in this resistance movement  have contributed to global protest movements and what further political action can we consider? And where are the relationships between the Green Movement and Berlin, if any at all? 
Outside of these margins, we want to discuss why this protest needs to be conceptualized from marginalized perspectives.

Hazhir Pelaschi (journalist & activist)

Ali Fathollah-Nejad (journalist & political science scholar) 

Mehdi Moradpour (translator & author)  

Saturday, March 22nd 2014 – Art & Politics

How can art be questioned and considered after the Green Movement? This question will be our common point of departure for this evening. Five years after the Iranian protests we will look at contemporary tendencies in the arts and we want to explore the aesthetic strategies evolved since 2009.  

No panel, no lectures, no hierarchies - STUDIO Я is an experimental lab, which welcomes everybody to participate as an expert of his/her knowledge. 

Maryam Mirza (journalist & activist)
Nahal Naficy (anthropologist & cultural studies scholar)
Melanie Nazmy-Ghandchi (conceptual arist, curator & political science scholar) 

Berlin Calling is mutually organized with Bildungswerk of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

A project by
Bahareh Sharifi


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