Berlin calling Sofia #1

Documentary by Adela Peeva (Bulgarian with English subtitles)
afterwards open discussion with the director 

In the course of three years, film-maker Adela Peeva has portrayed young people from major cities in Bulgaria. Driven by patriotic sentiments and a desire to affirm their own identity, these young people cross the line between patriotism and nationalism. What is the role that educational and cultural institutions play in this context? What kind of future can we expect?


Solo for violin, voice and video
By and with Biliana Voutchkova Video Boriana Pandova

An abstract solo, developing from musical and non-verbal dialogue - somewhere in the open space between Berlin and Sofia.


A presentation in cooperation with Red House Centre for Culture and Debate (Sofia) being part of the international Theatre Network UNDERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. With kind support of Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.