Coalitions Facing White Innocence - Diskurs

BE.BOP 2018 engages collectively in undoing the asymmetries of knowledge brought about by colonialism. Basis will be the work of Caribbean Diaspora thinker Gloria Wekker. Combining panel discussions, performances, video art and book presentations, the congress empowers those silenced by hegemonic historical narratives and opens Black Europe to oceans of humanity.

Thursday June 8, LICHTSAAL

My (Grand) Mother Made Me White
Lectureperformance by Quinsy Gario
Quinsy Gario investigates the mechanisms with which white identity politics has been able to cloak itself as neutral and objective. Through the prism of the UN designated Decade of People of African Descent, everyday objects and family sayings, Gario proposes means for subverting white identity politics for social change.
Moderation Quinsy Gario

Approximations to Decoloniality and Freedom of Mobility
With Christel Gbaguidi, Napuli Langa, Malcolm Momodou Jallow
During this session activists and artists Napuli Langa, Christel Gbaguidi and Swedish Parliament member, Malcolm Momodou Jallow, will each share their perspective and experience relating to Decolonizing freedom of mobility and how this corresponds to essential questions around Black European citizenship.
Moderation Walter Mignolo

BE.BOP and and the Decolonial Summer School Middelburg as Partner Healing Platforms
With Patricia Kaersenhout, Alanna Lockward, Walter Mignolo, Rolando Vázquez, Elena Quintarelli
A group of artists, scholars and activists will think and discuss through various forms of healing and un-doing. Central concerns are decolonization processes of Contemporary Art or successful interventions in epistemologies that continue to reinforce colonial modernity. Be.Bop and the Decolonial Summer School Middelburg serve as role models on de-linking from the colonial matrix of power, while reinforcing educational infrastructures that imagine and enable decoloniality in Europe.

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