Offener Prozess | Ausstellung

Ausstellungseröffnung: Offener Prozess

Ausstellung zur Aufarbeitung des NSU Komplexes

The exhibition Offener Prozess disentangles the complicated backdrop that paved the way for the serial murders committed by the far-right terror group NSU between 2000 and 2006. Challenging the official and popular narrative that insists on defining the atrocities as isolated cases of ideological fanaticism, the project highlights various layers of the institutional racism that has openly or latently infused into the operation of state apparatuses and daily life. In contrast to the paralysing ascription of victimhood to the ones who lost their lives, several works in the Offener Prozess exhibition give voice to their relatives and communities, who reject being a part of the silencing consensus imposed upon them.

Afterwards guided tours through the exhibition


Curators Ayşe Güleç & Fritz Laszlo Weber Curatorial consultant Gorki Erden Kosova Production management Alexa Gräfe Scenography Pia Grüter Dramaturgy Gorki Edona Kryeziu Artistic Projectmanagement Elena Sinanina 

Accompanying the exhibition is an extensive programme entitled ’61–’91–’21: IMMER WIEDER DEUTSCHLAND with discourse formats, concerts, readings and film screenings.

The exhibition is a cooperation with Offener Prozess (, a project by ASA-FF e.V.
The Berliner Herbstsalon is funded by the Region of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe