Deniz Yücel. Agentterrorist


Buchpräsentation von und mit Deniz Yücel und seinem Anwalt Veysel Ok

Journalist Deniz Yücel was detained for one year in Silivri No. 9, a high-security prison near Istanbul, before he was released under challenging circumstances. His imprisonment led to the #FreeDeniz movement and created not only tensions in German-Turkish diplomacy but also discussions about belonging. His book tells a story of despotism and extortion, as well as solidarity, love and resistance. At the same time it unfurls the developments in Turkey in recent years in order to discuss the operating principles of authoritarian regimes and mechanisms in a democratic public sphere. In this way, Yücel provides an insight into how, thanks to his supporters, he was able to fight for freedom and self-determination even under the most adverse conditions.