Platzhalter QueerWeek

Act 0: In Exile. QueerWeek22 incl. Ex Situ

Festival-Preview + Installation + Get-Together with artists

Save the date! QueerWeek is opening the Gorki’s new season in September! A programme presentation with participating artists serves as a warm-up satellite in the Pride Month of June, builds a bridge between festival editions and presents a first piece: EX SITU by HYENAZ and Yusuph Suso, with Lau Bau and Rodrigo Frenk.

Afterwards at 8:00pm SCREENING of Dark room revisited

EX SITU by HYENAZ and Yusuph Suso, with Lau Bau and Rodrigo Frenk. 
Ex Situ is a is a live performance, a musical track, a music video, an audiovisual sculpture and an interactive web based app which maps the fragile technological threads from which human beings conduct transdimensional lives in past, current and future homelands. The sculpture consists of a network of scratched and damaged mobile phones counterbalanced against one another as they levitate in space. Each phone loops an audiovisual element created by Suso and HYENAZ which appear at random intervals to generate a musical narrative that is shifting, changing and moving from one moment to the next.