A Walk on the Dark Side

In the darkness of space, a struggle for power is taking place, and we haven’t the faintest idea of what is happening. Dark matter against dark energy, structural harmony against a chaos that explodes the system. And, in the midst of it all, hovers a small, small planet. And on this small, small planet there is a promenade that stretches through an endless forest. And in the midst of this endless forest lies a village with a hotel in the Uckermark. It's the weekend and there’s something to celebrate.

Immanuel and Mathias are brothers and rivals, they are astrophysicists with extremely opposite temperaments. When Immanuel is awarded a significant prize, his wife Mania invites the brothers on a countryside outing. But Mathias brings his girlfriend Magda along, and she has just been released from the hospital following a suicide attempt. And all of a sudden David, a missing half-brother from Israel appears, who seems to know more than is possible. Through an interplay of coincidences and intrigues, the secrets of the family come to light.

Yael Ronen, the funniest therapist among theatre-makers, dives into a murky, hazardous zone with an intrepid ensemble, into their own abysses, into black holes. A piece has emerged that peeks behind the orchestrated happiness of the career generation into the dark conflicts in a family’s universe. How do people stand each other? What demons are we driven by? How much power do individuals have over themselves? Breaching borders is what makes them visible: at this family celebration, a complex network of dependencies, lies and open wounds is laid bare, and everyone is playing more than one role.

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Premiere: April 14th, 2018

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Stage photos: Ute Langkafel

Yael Ronen & Ensemble
Directed by
Yael Ronen



Jonas Dassler

Lea Draeger

Orit Nahmias

Dimitrij Schaad

Jeff Wilbusch