Agata Siniarska: Do it to me like in a real movie

Agata Siniarska: Do it to me like in a real movie


Choreographie und Performance Agata Siniarska
Künstlerischer Mentor Bush Hartshorn Aristic 
Helfer_innen Ania, Diego, Female Trouble Collective, Goska, Joanna, Thomas 
Produktion Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk 

Feministischer Diskurs mal anders: alle Frauenbilder des Films in einer Haltung, schmerzhafte Bilder der lustvollen Pose. Kommentar auf Film wie der Film uns kommentiert.

this solo…

is happening 24 frames per second like in a real movie/
is in chapters: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, etc./
is dramatic but good looking/
stands, sits, lies down with wild mouth open/
applies many names: mulvey, akerman, de lauretis, butler, tyler, silverman, 
kuhn, deleuze, fraser, doane, jelinek, kwiatkowska, karina, godard, vitti, 
antonioni, bardot, shermann, chytilova, illouz, halberstam, jones, pollock, 
german, moreau, radkiewicz, creed, potter, modleski, herden, fassbinder but 
they all are not so enthusiastic about that/
creates category of truth and deeply believes in it/
touches life and death/
this solo has never heard about agata siniarska/
is fully aware of what it does here it’s emotional capitalism/
would prefer jean luc godard to be a woman/
this solo is only involved in love intrigues/
this solo suffers for all heterosexual women/
is a potential victim and has sense of guilt associated with it/
loves you and expects from you to be a real man/
this solo will stand in one frame for a very long time//
wants to be taken in every position/ this solo is waiting/ 

this solo says I am sorry 

Die Performance und Lecture von Agata Siniarska ist eine Fortsetzung der Solo-Arbeit "death 24 frames per second or do it to me like in a real movie. delayed choreography in chapters"-  eine Produktion der Art Stations Fundation von Grażyna Kulczyk.