An exhibition with works by TİMUR ÇELİK

In 2014, the Berlin based painter Timur Çelik extended his trip to Turkey into the eastern part of the country. The psychological and political tension in the aftermath of the collapse of the peace negotiations between the Turkish government and the Kurdish resistance left a strong impression on him. He set out to paint the unsettling ambiguity he detected, which anticipated not only the coming destruction and repression in the region but also the political depression that would sweep over the whole country. In addition to selected works from this new painting series Çelik’s solo exhibition brings together a group of portraits depicting intellectuals, human rights activists in Turkey and prominent figures from the party HDP (Peoples' Democracy Party), who have been either kept in prison with fictitious accusations or harassed by endless trials and interrogations. In this selection, Timur Çelik reveals his subjective fascination with his subjects by imbuing the delicate plasticity of their faces with an emotional intensity based on suffering, mourning, defiance and perseverance.    

Open from 2/June

The 5. Berliner Herbstsalon 2021 – 2022 presents stronger still. exhibition – installation – talks, a project encompassing the prison no. 5 exhibition with works by Zehra Doğan, the SİLİVRİ. prison of thought and museum of small things installations, both curated by Can Dündar, and the witness exhibition with works by Timur Çelik.
stronger still was conceived on the occasion of Re:Writing the Future by Allianz Kulturstiftung.

In the series of 5. Berliner Herbstsalon 2021 – 2022.
Funded by the State of Berlin, Hauptstadtkulturfonds within the framework of Re:Writing the Future. 

An exhibition with works by
Curated by
Erden Kosova