White on White #FUCKME! (we didn’t make it)

Performance von Johannes Maria Schmit und Iggy Lond Malmborg

The series White on White started in the same year as Obama´s presidency. What appeared as arbitrary in the first place, retrospectively turns out to be a kind of intellectual necessity: as the attempt to theatricalize white* subjectivity from a white* perspective was somehow only dialectical with the backdrop of the world´s most powerful president being non-white*. Ever since November last year our duo is thus thrown into an aesthetical crisis, given white* subjects, that  - whist riding the wave of the recent whitelash – are staging their power position without any filters or even critical ambition… Time for sealing the series and trying for a reconfiguration. White on White – #FUCKME ! (we didn´t make it) is the promise of the gesture that comes with that. 


We thank the production »Die Ziganiada« (Concept of direction and stagedesign: France-Elena Damian and Achim Naumann d’Alnouncourt, Premiere in October at Heimathafen Neukölln)