We Need To Move Urgently

We Need To Move Urgently

Dance performance by Taldans (Istanbul)

We need to move urgently. The dance company Taldans was rehearsing a new piece when the Gezi protests erupted. Self-organization was suddenly practiced on the streets and a temporary, new social order emerged. The three performers collected objects of the resistance: diving goggles, lemons and milk. These served as the starting point for a collection of actions that recognize that we
must urgently take action as a group, without drowning out any individual voice.

The Turkish dance company Taldans was founded in 2003 by Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı. In the years since, the members of the company – originally trained as electrical engineers, architects and dancers – have developed several independent dance projects. Perceptions of science and memory play a central role in their performances.


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