c_Carolin Windel


The WE ART HERE! show is a diverse, intercultural stage for young artists, both emerging and established. Gianni Jovanovic (known as the co host of Drag Race Germany) and Oyindamola Alashe, the authors of Ich, ein Kind der kleinen Mehrheit, host the show and bring a multitude of different talents to the stage. The programme is a mix of stand up comedy, song, spoken word, dance and other art forms.

With Nadja Benaissa, Tan Caglar, Fetsum, JNNRHNDRXX, Katrin Langensiepen, Anissa Loucif, Mal Elévé, Shayne Stubbs, Lea Streisand, Vanessa Vu & Ahmad Katlesh

Moderation Oyindamola Alashe & Gianni Jovanovic

Photo: Carolin Windel