Die letzten Tage

The tone is getting harsher. Once again, it's all about Us Against Them: The authoritarians - old alpha males, the women of the new right front – are propagating their ideas of nation and identity. And the others are “the traitors”. But, in this end-times scenario, what does the concept of “traitor” really mean?

Following his explorations in SMALL TOWN BOY, Falk Richter turns again to the trouble spots in our current state, which, in the face of alarming political developments, is characterized by helplessness, excessive demands, and self-centred paranoia. For this research project, actors Mareike Beykirch, Mehmet Ateşçi, Knut Berger, Orit Nahmias, Daniel Lommatzsch and Çiğdem Teke work toward defining these questions: What makes one into a traitor? What have we betrayed? With whom have we collaborated?

The starting point for their journey towards a political and personal family constellation is a children's room in the 90s. There the protagonists found an intrepid garage band and, with musical accompaniment ranging from Depeche Mode to punk and Whitney Houston, enter gleefully and self-deprecatingly into a convoluted field of conflict. They tell of blind spots in their own family histories and what has been left unsaid, comb through Trump's tweets, hate speech as today's rhetorical mechanisms - and continue to stubbornly search for a vision of a diverse society of the many.

Premiere: 28. April 2017


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Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Stage Photos: Ute Langkafel

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A project by
Falk Richter
Text and Direction
Falk Richter


Stage/Costume Design


Stage lighting



Knut Berger

Mareike Beykirch

Daniel Lommatzsch

Orit Nahmias

Margarita Breitkreiz