Vatersprachmusik / Cleite, die Göttin der Potenz

Direction Isabella Sedlak Stage Viktor Reim Costumes Isabell Reisinger Illustrations Abashi Dramaturgy Sandra Wolf Assistant to the director Marta Witak
With Yanina Surimana Cerón Klewer, Renán Cerón

Yanina is a Berliner, in her early 20s, lives in Kreuzberg across from her dad. He came from Peru in the 90s. She knows about his life there from his stories: the grandmother, who liked to see herself as a European woman, his father’s family, in which Quechua was still spoken, his studies in civil engineering, the Peruvian resistance against the USA, the civil war, his fellow students who lost their lives. Yanina and her dad share their love of music – they used to busk on the streets together, and today they’re still rockers in their hearts.

Direction Ariana Battaglia Dramaturgy Sandra Wolf  Stage Luisa PuschendorfKatharina Scheicher Costumes Ottavia Tröster Assistant to the director Marta Witak
With Nathalie Seiß

We need to talk! About that which is not named in our everyday life, about which we cannot talk in specific terminology, whose existence many people don’t even know of. An intimate conversation invites to take time, to name this assumed gaps or blank spaces as clear and simple as possible. To enlighten. So this kind of ritualistic Candle Light Ted Talk calls for nothing less than the exploration of the excluded, the origin of the world.