The Whisper of the Jaguar

Director, Script, Production Thais Guisasola, Simon(é) Jaikiriuma Paetau Director of Photography Giovanna Pezzo Art Director/Costume Designer Alicia Arteaga
Editor Ilka Miriam Valdés Sound Designer/Mixing Ruben Valdés Music by Aérea Negrot, Mad Kate I The Tide, Peaches, Royal Dust, Mercenárias and The Clitor$
Associate Producers: Lillit, Drama Filmes, Martin Backhaus,
Dramaturgy Laura Paetau, Margarita Tsomou


The Whisper of the Jaguar is a queerpunk-roadmovie, set in a region of the Amazon, that explores indigenous knowledge – and trance-states triggered by medicinal plants. The protagonist Ana, who carries the ashes of her late brother, a kuir (queer)-activist, with her, gains access to the memories and traumas of her ancestors and must confront her own preconceptions of indigeneity, ego and death in today’s Brazilian political landscape.

Filmscreening and Q&A with Thais Guisasola and Simon(é) J. Paetau


Production: Simon(é) J. Paetau | Brazil, Colombia, Germany, 2017