The Salt of the

The Salt of the Mediterranean Sea

kuratiert von Lobna Allamii // unternational

Where do we come from? What brings us together?
Crossing music of resistance and memories from the recent past till nowadays, Lobna Allamii brings musicians together, who will play together for the first time- in Studio Я!
Day 1: Rembetiko is dedicated to Turkey & Greece with special focus on Rembetiko - film & music of minorities, in memory of the pogrom at 1955 in Turkey. Film ‘Pera Beauty’ produced by Nilufer Saltik

Concert ‘Rembetiko’

-  Ciğdem Aslan - vocal
-  Nikos Tsiachris - guitar
-  Antonis Anissegos - piano
-  Taner Akyol - baglama
-  Michalis Kouloumis - viloin

We resurrect an extinct musical tradition: Rembetiko. A combination of Byzantine and Ottoman music traditions that was mostly played in ‘café aman’ in Istanbul. After the pogroms against the Greek population in 1955, this style of music almost disappeared from Istanbul's public life. Now we bring musicians from Turkey and Greece together in Berlin to make this music alive again. Come to Studio Я, we will sing together and enjoy the sound of Rembetiko with nuts and Raki. Before the concert, at 7pm, we will watch the film ‘Pera Beauty’ documenting the resurrection of the Laterna, a mechanical barrel piano that was once a common sight in Istanbul. After it disappeared for almost half a century, Nilüfer Saltık reaches the Greek piano maker Panos Ioannidis and convinces him to build the first new Laterna.
Day 2: Dancing to the Arab Spring is dedicated to the Arab world, facing current movements - spotlighted by live performances, dance & music from Tunisia, Egypt & Syria
Animation ‘Abou Eskandar’ by Ayham Majid Agha

Concert ‘Dance to the Arab Spring

-  Ayman Mabrouk – percussion
-  Badiaa Bouhrizi – vocal & guitar
-  Dine Doneff - double bass
-  Ayman Asfour - viloin

Raks live dance by Nabila Sabha:

The recent Arab revolutions not only changed the political situation in their respective countries, but also released an incredible amount of artistic and musical energy. On a never-ending late summer evening, animation, dance and musicians from Tunisia, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon sound the beat of the revolution! Right before the concert, at 8pm, we will screen a short animation ‘Abou Eskandar’ with live music! All of a sudden ‘Raks’ will occupy the concert!

Artist Director
Lobna Alami