The Principle of Pleasure

The Principle of Pleasure

»I found pleasure in many places. A Montreal trans bar. Manhattan vogue balls. Portland strip clubs. Berlin fetish parties. Each place offered me an escape from social norms, but each one also came with its own restrictive house rules. In The Principle of Pleasure, I use the theatre as a place capable of transcending limits to share my first true pleasure – dancing to the seductive songs of Janet Jackson. Voguing, stripping, glorifying eccentricity and embodying glamour open up the floor to exploring the controversial power of pleasure. Together we will erase the boundaries that divide audience and performer so that we can find ecstasy within and between our bodies.«

In English

Content Note: full nudity, flashing lights at times


Choreographer and Performer
Gerard X Reyes


Original composition and Remixes

»Control« Remix