Digital Young Curators Academy 2021

Arts and activism begin from gatherings of humans coming together to celebrate, to grieve, to discuss. These fundamental human acts communicate in different ways but most of all, they are small actions of personal agency contributing to a desired or needed transformation in the world of the living. Since we crashed into the iceberg of the pandemic, our worlds have been incessantly talking about the new normal. How will this new normal affect arts and activism in particular? In the face of restrictions to physical international travel, how does this affect curation as well as activation of communities during gatherings in arts and activism? How can there be shifts to local curation, to open it up as a comparative study of other local contexts? Can digitalization and some of its processes enrich this interweaving discourse between the new international and the new local? 

In English

Speakers: Soukaina Aboulaoula (Marrakesh), Mona Benyamin (Jerusalem), Helia Hamedani (Teheran-Rome), Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas (Havana), Rola Khayyat (Beirut), Olivia Hyunsin Kim (Seoul-Berlin), Donna Miranda (Manila), Amila Puzić (Mostar-Gothenburg), Promona Sengupta (Delhi-Berlin), Aziz Sohail (Karachi-Chicago)

The digital Young Curators Academy is an artistic and activist platform to discover alliances, research affinities, and consolidate solidarities. Intersectional makers - artists, thinkers, writers, curators - take part in the Academy's workshops and develop personal strategies to activate their communities. The focus is on questions of repair, planetary consciousness, and the search for new forms of international cooperation and joint artistic practice. The program is aimed at those who enable new lines of flight across patriarchal and geopolitical boundaries. In 2021, the digital YCA will also respond to the world after the intervention by the pandemic. How does the absence of presence change resistance, activism, art, and communication? And how can we be together if we are not? The New (old) World in 10 Acts, The Superintense Marathon and the Digital Agora result in different publics in different time zones accessing different knowledges, reflecting on and deepening their practices from parallel experiences. 

Directed by Ong Keng Sen 
Hosted by Silke Bake, Erden Kosova and Ong Keng Sen
Digital Production: Rabelle Ramez Erian
Curatorial Support: Anne Diestelkamp
Production Management: Lucia Leyser

As part of 5. Berliner Herbstsalon. Funded by the State of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In collaboration and with the support of T:>Works International Curators Academy.