Digital Young Curators Academy 2021

If one understands the creation of commons as a social practice for the formulation of alternative forms of knowledge production and knowledge exchange, in order to  challenge accessibility and ownership, we are inside the heart of THE DIGITAL AGORA. 

THE DIGITAL AGORA is based on the ancient Greek Agora. It is a digital public space which is a gathering place for politics, open studios online and workshops, a market of competing ideas, a place of assembly to hear statements of scientists and artists, different perspectives of activists negotiating different publics, a recharge zone for the body and the spirit, essentially a digital site to hang out. 

The D-YCA emphasizes the importance of the space in between––between the productive things that cognitive capitalism has accumulated, between worlds, between the international and the local, between presence and absence––to ask new questions of oneself in this space of no-thing or everything. 

9/10/16/17/September from 1 PM, online
In English

The digital Young Curators Academy is an artistic and activist platform to discover alliances, research affinities, and consolidate solidarities. Intersectional makers - artists, thinkers, writers, curators - take part in the Academy's workshops and develop personal strategies to activate their communities. The focus is on questions of repair, planetary consciousness, and the search for new forms of international cooperation and joint artistic practice. The program is aimed at those who enable new lines of flight across patriarchal and geopolitical boundaries. In 2021, the digital YCA will also respond to the world after the intervention by the pandemic. How does the absence of presence change resistance, activism, art, and communication? And how can we be together if we are not? The New (old) World in 10 Acts, The Superintense Marathon and the Digital Agora result in different publics in different time zones accessing different knowledges, reflecting on and deepening their practices from parallel experiences. 

Directed by Ong Keng Sen 
Hosted by Silke Bake, Erden Kosova and Ong Keng Sen
Digital Production: Rabelle Ramez Erian
Curatorial Support: Anne Diestelkamp
Production Management: Lucia Leyser

As part of 5. Berliner Herbstsalon. Funded by the State of Berlin, Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In collaboration and with the support of T:>Works International Curators Academy.