Talking Straight will set aus free
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TALKING STRAIGHT will set us free


2016 is the year in which everyone, really everyone, is afraid. Everything goes too fast, everything is too much, everything falls apart – and everyone freaks out. It seems as though the world has decided to put aside the real threat, which for the majority of humanity is still that of an economic system that is based on a maximally inequitable distribution of wealth and thoughtless misuse of resources. Far too abstract. Better to have tangible objectives: misanthropy, agitation and terror set the agenda, and many who thought that a different world was possible just a few years ago, now want to protect the system at all costs. Courage is expensive, fear is cheap and selling security is good business for terrorist groups, weapons companies and the media.

We at TALKING STRAIGHT don't want to be left behind. Which is why the newly established TALKING STRAIGHT Security guarantees, through daily interventions during the Uniting Backgrounds festival, that nothing really happens on the grounds of the Gorki. Once absolute peace and order have been established within the festival framework, the performance collective turned safety agency has prepared three big shows in which the
need for security is emphatically over-met.

Following a neologism from former Federal Minister of the Interior Friedrich, whose definition of security as a »super fundamental right« that stands above other fundamental rights still defines the agenda, we will crack down on fear once and for all. The performance-collective TALKING STRAIGHT has become an integral part of the Gorki family. The performances are mainly taking place in »foreign language« – the invented language which is based on improvisation has become the performer's trademark. Language no problem!


Premiere: October 1, 2015


Daniel Cremer

Antje Prust