Talking Straight: Europa, Garten der Lüste

TALKING STRAIGHT 2014: Europa, Garten der Lüste

One hundred years after the catastrophe of the First World War, we are entering a new and completely metamorphosed Europe: a sustainable pacified continent, cradle of endless cultural achievements, Garden of Earthly Delights ... a union born of necessity starved by the German austerity dictatorship, post-colonial fortress, neo-liberal internal market without a show of solidarity ... It depends on who you ask and where you look. 

In his performance, Daniel Cremer tries to facilitate the experience of as many conceivable perspectives on Europe 2014 as possible—ideally all at once, in a small space, and in close combat with the audience. As a »durational performance «, Garden Of Earthly Delights is available during the OpenCampus and oscillates between three basic aggregate states: gentle paradise, bulging hedonism and repulsive damnation. Cremer serves a drink under rustling trees as a queer Epicurus, then leads visitors through the splendour of the official European youth capital with the hysteria of an over-zealous tour guide. Next he transforms into the success coach of a debt-ridden continent, who introduces the defence necessary for the Garden Of Earthly Delights. All of this is presented in the »foreign language« that Cremer invented, in which affect and improvisation reign and all parties are equal, at least in how little they understand.


6th May 
6pm - 10pm
Performance begins on the hour every hour on the Gorki terrace 

8th - 11th May
2pm - 10pm
Performance begins on the hour every hour on the Gorki terrace


Antje Prust

Tucké Royale

Hans Unstern