Skate 14/14

Skate 14|14

Eine interaktive Performance auf dem Platz der Märzrevolution

Art Director & Concept Dietmar Lupfer, Music FM Einheit / Jay Scarlett / KRTS, Graffiti Loomit, Video Raphael Kurig & Thomas Mahnecke, Skater Niklavs Vetra (Riga) / Sami Harithi (Berlin) / Sulejmen Hrgic, ChoirHellersdorfer Jugendchor

The First World War was the one of the last largely conventionally-waged wars. On both sides »analog« soldiers were positioned against each other in protracted trench warfare and driven into mass death. On the other hand, this war was the starting point for the development of modern war technology including tanks, modern artillery and air warfare. 

In today's Western society, however, digital and cyber war is the new focus. The technical sophistication of drones is a favourite subject for rants, while the functionand consequences of these killing machine is ignored. The machine has become a high-tech aesthetic object while the death of the human body is the secondary theatre of war. 

Dietmar Lupfer's interactive installation in the Gorki's courtyard deals with the combination of technology and war in a provocative manner by linking »harmless« playful skating with the visual and sonic worlds of war. The performers are skateboard artists from the countries that participated in the First World War. Their board shave sensors that generate images projected onto a screen. Sounds, images and video sequences are processed in real time. The analog movement and speed of skateboards and thelive sound of the steel is confronted with a virtual reality made out of gigantic video projections. The location is crucial for this: On today's Platz der Märzrevolution (Square of the March Revolution), enthusiastic crowds celebrated Germany's entry into the war in August 1914—but the war took place elsewhere.

With the support of Muffatwerk, München & Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, München