Rough & Dirty #1

Rough & Dirty #2

Run Forest Run!

With changing partners and in surprising circumstances, members of the ensemble and assistants develop unfinished, experimental and improvised formats for this emotionally authentic Open Space, beyond traditional scripts and classical repertoire.

The Amazon, our Earth’s green lungs, is burning! Countless plant and animal species, and millions of people, are in danger. In Europe, we ask ourselves: What must be done when the local government denies the existence of climate change and wants to generate the highest possible profits? What must be done in light of our postcolonial responsibility and a new imperialism? Run Forest Run! provides practical solutions against the exploitation of the indigenous population, climate change and extinctions, which go beyond giving up avocados and printing protest posters.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff

Directed by
Camilla Ferraz


Stage design




Dominic Hartmann

Vidina Popov