Rojava: Çîroka Bajarên Wêrankirî / Stories of Destroyed Cities


In 2012, in the wake of the Syrian civil war in northern Syria, the Democratic Federation of Rojava emerged. Its main objective was not the establishment of a Kurdish state in Syria, but rather a society based on gender equality, protecting nature and grassroots democracy. This utopian attempt was accompanied from the beginning by the artistic medium of film. A screening of films from the region, accompanied by discussions about art & revolution.

The third film screening of Rojava will show the film Çîroka Bajarên Wêrankirî / Stories of Destroyed Cities by Şêro Hindê. Wherever the Islamic State terrorist organization raged, their atrocities cut deep wounds into the walls and bodies of the survivors in the rubble. Stories of Destroyed Cities is a film that moves between fiction and eyewitness accounts to document devastating events. Three cities in Rojava, three stories about the inhumanity and banality of modern war, but also about the hope that a coming future can blossom among the ruins.

After the film screening: Artist talk with Önder Çakar

Festival: War or Peace - Crossroads of History 1918 / 2018