Rite of Revival

Is it possible to transform rites that have developed from pain, torture, dehumanisation and physical deformation? Nora Amin, Egyptian essayist, activist and theatre director, brings rituality back to the stage to develop possible healing experiences. With her interactive multimedia solo-performance Nora Amin returns to the Studio after having presented her essay Migrating the Feminine in 2016.

Music Composition & Soundtrack: Nader Sami, Violinist: Ayman Asfour, Drummer: Tamer Essam, Vocals: Gamila Saleh

Visuals: Ibrahim Ghareib, Implementation: Maged Monir

With: Alina Amer, Eva Isolde Balzer, Julia Lemmle, Pasquale Virginie Rotter and André Vollrath

Text, choreography and direction: Nora Amin




Photo: Soha Akram

Solo performance by and with
Nora Amin