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Pressefreiheit in Georgien

Picturesque beaches and the silver peaks of the Caucasus on the horizon - Georgia is considered an insider tip in the travel industry. But the country is suffering heavily from unresolved territorial conflicts with Russia.

Award-winning Georgian photographer Daro Sulakauri visited villages in the area on the border to the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. She documented the »wandering borders« and described how the ever-changing borderline shapes people's lives. Sulakauri reports on the everyday life of Chechen refugees in the inhospitable mountainous regions on the border with Russia as well as on phenomena such as children's weddings, which are still widespread in some villages to this day.

On World Press Freedom Day, Reporter ohne Grenzen (Reporters without Borders) will present this year’s book of photography, which features Daro Sulakauri’s works, among others.

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