Remember Distomo / Θυμήσου το Δίστομο

Remember Distomo / Θυμήσου το Δίστομο

Lecture Performance

In Distomo, a village in the middle of Greece, 218 villagers were brutally killed by the 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier-Division in a so-called “act of retaliation” in 1944. 70 years later almost half a million Greeks vote for the neo-Nazi party "Golden Dawn". The collective protests against the rigorously-prescribed austerity measures were an expression of hope for many Greeks. But with the violent reaction from the police and a neo-Nazi party's entrance into the parliament came the brutal awakening. Actor Kostis Kallivretakis remembers and reports on contemporary Greek tragedies and the power of resistance.


Sound design



Kostis Kallivretakis

Michail Fotopoulos