Reformers Today #1 with Ulrike Guérot

Reframing Europe - A Call for a Great Reformation of Europe

500 years ago, a movement began that would revolutionize the world: the Reformation paved the way for radical societal changes. The questions at hand in this three-part lecture are: Who are today's reformers? What decrees are we facing that must be contradicted? Which institutions must be changed drastically?


In Part 1, politician and pioneer of the European Reformation, Ulrike Guérot, presents her idea for the founding of a European republic. She analyses the extent to which the pressure from right-wing populism's emergence in Europe can also present an opportunity for a re-establishment of Europe: Europe as a veritable European democracy. This is how Guérot wants to overcome European malaise, rethink Europe, and call on it to attack old-established institutions.

Presented by Fatima Moumouni


Reformers Today is a lecture in three parts from the Gorki Forum in cooperation with the Reformation Jubilee 2017 in Wittenberg and Berlin.

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