Rechte reden

Rechte Reden

Three Mondays this year. Three times to wake up, turn on the radio. Three times to take note: a state slips again, Germany is managed by the right. The "Alternative for Germany", that reservoir of disillusioned former CDU officials, NVA officers, neo-Nazis, conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, rightwing intellectuals and the national paranoid has become one of the forces with the power to determine the discourse in this country. The path of the party and its sympathizers leads from Pegida squares through lecture halls and national revival rallies into the parliaments of the republic, their entry into the German Bundestag is already being discussed as an inevitability a year before the election.

Mely Kiyak and Thomas Wodianka have taken on the AFD and their milieu, and read countless speeches from the last two right-wing years, a selection of which they will present in their performance. Even though it seems unbelievable: Nothing that is presented during this evening is an added exaggeration. 75 minutes of lies, fear and delusion – which have become realpolitik in the meantime, due in no small part to the despised "old parties".


This event is part of the festival Uniting Backgrounds – Theatre on Democracy.