Queerious - Die Geburt des Vulkans

2016 was a year guided by the fear of losing values and securities. The voices of the worried grew louder and louder: »Don’t worry about the minorities, care about US again!« To counteract this movement in 2017, eight young people aged 18 to 24 will join together. They will reflect on queer history and ask: How identities were formed and how a community can be established? Is it possible to build a uniting US beyond Class, Background and Gender? Queerious is a contemporary collection of ideas about solidarity.


The production is supported by MANEO – The gay anti-violence-project in Berlin and by means of the MANEO-Empowerment Kampagne (MEK). The MEK is funded by the Lottostiftung Berlin. The Project thanks the Schwules Museum*


Premier 6/October

Moritz Sauer



Parisa Madani

Julian Süss

Naomi Odhiambo

Aybüke Kara

Ronald Berger

Marina Prados

Gelareh Shahpar

Nathalie Seiß