Pugs in love – Queer Weekend 2018: Glossary


PUG (pronounced: ['pʌg]):

  1. A breed of dog. In German this breed is called "Mops", which is also a slang term for female breasts.  
  2. Acronym for “Perverse und Gefährdete” (German for “Perverse and Endangered”): Berlin jargon for homo-, trans *, inter-, pan-, contra- and poly-sexual persons sometimes marginalised in multiple ways)

LOVE (pronounced ['lʌv]):

An emotional-normative concept that regulates interpersonal relations on a private level.

QUEER (pronounced: ['kwɪə (ɹ)]):

  1. Etymology: from the German "quer" (diagonal), derived from the Old-German twerh ("oblique"), from the proto-indo-European * terkʷ- ("Twist, twirl, wind"). Related to the English word thwart (“hinder” “counteract” “foil”)
  2. Synonyms: "peculiar", "strange", "whimsical", "doubtful", "gay"
  3. Used transnationally as an adjective for non-binary concepts of sexuality, as well as by and for people whose relationship models are not based on exclusive schemes such as hetero- or homosexuality.

WEEKEND (pronounced:[ˈwiːˌɡ̊ɛnd̥]):

Period of time filled with numerous norm-busting activities conducted by sexually-mature persons in urban spaces.

Я  (pronounced: ['ja]):

  1. Last letter of the cyrillic alphabet
  2. Russian for »i«
  3. German: Expression of Affirmation (for ex.: Have you arrived? --> »Я«)


Platform, refuge, place of thinking, discourse accelerator, art asylum, encounter base, space of possiblities; since 2013 important Berlin center for interdisciplinary political art.