public talk so nicht aber so schon

PUBLIC TALK – Nachgespräch im Laborformat zu »SO NICHT ABER SO SCHON«

In SO NICHT ABER SO SCHON (Not like that but yes like that), the GOLDEN GORKIS, the 60+ ensemble, is collaborating with Neukölln11, an ensemble from the school for those with learning difficulties on Bienwaldring.

In Public Talk we’re offering an opportunity to engage in dialogue with other audience members and converse with the “makers” of the devised work right after the performance. We’re looking forward to making public the private talks that usually follow a performance in a casual environment and through different discussion formats. You are the experts. Instead of a Q&A, this is an exchange on equal footing. We’re curious to know what you thought about the play, especially your opinions on the subjects that were addressed. Because: Relevance is decided among the audience.