Prosa der Verhältnisse #8

Mutmaßungen über den Glauben meines Vaters

In his new book Zafer Şenocak plays with forms: Is it an essay or a novel? Is it about the author's father or the fiction of a father? And what do reality and fiction have to do with faith or, more precisely, to do with Islam? Şenocak’s journey into a (his) father’s Islam reaches beyond political discourses. It follows an aesthetic mission. The protagonist is language itself, for »grasping language is an act of love«. Deniz Utlu talks to the author about his »tongue memory« – a story of contact between generations.


In Kooperation mit dem Forum Berlin der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung


Illustration: Leyla Sehar

Curated and presented by
Deniz Utlu