Pallett Band

Pallett Band - The Alternative Voice of Iran

Concert on the occasion of New Year Festival Nowruz

The music group »Opatan«, founded by Hossein Deriszadeh, presents bandari, traditional music from the south of Iran, with ethno- and afro-oriental influences and highest quality. 
The hot rhythms of Opatan (old name of Abadan, a city in southwestern Iran).
It is a rhythmic dance music played in fast and slow tempos. The music includes vocals and a variety of instrumentation, including the ney anban, oud, flute, talking drum, djembe and Quinto, conga, Dammam, Dom Dom, tambourine, shaker.
The music of southern Iran is warm and moving due to the warm nature of the region. Southern Iranian music is affected by the migration of other tribes from Africa, India and the Arab countries to the region. »Bandar« is a Persian word and means »port«. Fits quite well, we think, also to Hamburg. Come and celebrate Nouruz with music from the port, the New Year on the Balkan Peninsula, in the Black Sea region, in the Caucasus, in Central Asia and the Middle East, and invite everyone to join us in welcoming spring.

With: Reza Heydari,  Ali Moghadamat, Mohammad Raoufi,  Vahid Hassan Rezaie, Farshid Tarbiat, Hossein Deris Zadeh

The concert with Pallett Band from Iran on 20th March is unfortunately cancelled due to the current International Health Measures. Instead, the Opatan Band will play on that day to continue celebrating Nouruz together.