Opening Soon...

…but a little differently: Gorki will be open again from August 10th – and not just figuratively. With a view on the Gorki garden, we are opening the GORKI KIOSK, a showroom for arts, performance, discourse, exchange and encounter. On the STAGES we are trying to do theater in such a way that it becomes gorkilike exciting while all regulations are fulfilled. This means above all: a smaller audience in fewer shows. Instead of the usual repertoire we are changing the programme: we are concentrating on the new productions of the season, starting with Berlin Oranienplatz by Hakan Savaş Mican on August 28th and the premiere of Schwarzer Block by Kevin Rittberger on September 5th. Yet we will not give away the newly gained experiences with the undernational connective theater on the internet. When fewer people can come to Gorki, Gorki goes to more people home – with an expanded GORKI STREAM from September on.

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