Tribunal " NSU Komplex" auflösen

NSU-Komplex auflösen

Eine Gesellschaft der Vielen klagt ein. Tribunal 2017

It is time for the perspective of migration to become a perspective of the entire society. Racism needs to be addressed and fought together with the affected parties.

In 2017 the Tribunal for the NSU will take place at the Schauspielhaus Köln. The tribunal's goal is a high-profile social indictment of the perpetrators of the NSU's terrorist acts and the structural racism underlying it. Persons affected by racist violence are given a forum to tell their stories, make their knowledge public and make demands from a migration perspective. The aim is to reveal the NSU-complex in its complete human and institutional dimensions and thereby indict structural racism in Germany as well.

Several research groups across Germany are currently working on its implementation. AG-Attitude is one of these groups. This event is designed to provide insight into the content-related political orientation of the tribunal and the position behind it. The evening is also an invitation to participate in the NSU Tribunal.